Charges for Admission

Wednesday1) € 15,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Wednesday reduced2) € 12,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Thursday1) € 18,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Thursday reduced2) € 15,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Friday1) € 15,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Friday reduced2) € 12,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Saturday1,4) € 16,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Saturday reduced2) € 13,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Sunday1,4) € 18,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Sunday reduced2) € 15,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
Bonus6er-Karte3)  € 45,00 € (excl. drinks)
RED-Session – on the 4th Saturday/month € 25,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
RED-Session reduced1) € 22,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
PumpStation – on the 4th Saturday/month € 15,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)
PumpStation reduced1)  € 12,00 (incl. € 5 for drinks)


if you lose your lock key € 15,00
for a new lock cylinder  
1 additional towel €   1,00


  1. Exceptions, e.g. at Easter, Folsom, Sylvester – and due to holidays possible ..
  2. Pupils and students aged 18 to 29 and holders of the BerlinPass or similar cards from other cities will be granted reductionson production of their respective IDs.
  3. Bonus Card: You pay admission for five times in advance but you „come“ six times. For your minimum consumption you will be charged extra when you are admitted. This card is valid for all of our own events and parties, however, in case the price for admission is higher than 15.- € you will be charged for the difference.
  4. Does not apply on the 4th Saturday and Sunday of the month.


Böse Buben e.V. is one of very few gay organizations in Berlin that grant reductions!

We hold the view that we are able to consider higher finacial burdens respectively lower incomes when it comes to charge our visitors/guests for admission and we are prepared to set a positive example in our welfare state.

However we do not consider reductions for those that are handicapped/disabled  because their identification cards to not take the financial situation of the disabled person into account. Many ID-holders are disabled to a certain degree but, nevertheless, many of them have no financial problems.

On the other hand, we accept the berlinpass and students ID´s mentioning your age between 18 and 29 years as a reliable confirmation of your low income.

In addition we have decided to offer further reductions:


Pay 8 x – get 1 x free admission (plus € 5.00 minimum consumption, (to be paid upon admission)

This card is a free bonus card. Every visit is stamped on it - and the 9th visit to a party then entitles you to free entry. We don't care which party you bring the card with.

It does not count as a free ticket for events organized by third-party organizers or for events for which we charge a higher admission price   than € 19.99. Possibly. we charge the difference to the higher price as a surcharge.

We offer reductions to holders of the berlinpass

Theberlinpassprovides admission to various offers of culture, education, sports and leisure activities to citizens of Berlin who receive unemployment benefit, social benefit, housing benefit, payments for those seeking asylum and pensions vor victims of the Nazi-regime and the regime of the (so-called) German Democratic Republic.

More precise information can be found under the following link: