Chris & Co

Christmas grouch party

Alone at home for christmas? No need!

Traditionally, on Christmas Eve, we host a group of "players" who care more about spending a harmonious evening on 12/24 than the annual family squabbles associated with this date elsewhere.

We give your need a home! Pamper and be pampered, please no egos and everything quite relaxed. To put the evening in a fitting frame, we ask our guests to give each other Secret Santa packages. Motto: each guest brings a small gift that he himself would be very happy about. Then nothing can go wrong...

No dress code

suggestion: dress red-white and sexy!

Please bring a Secret Santa package!


box office: 26,00 €, – incl € 7,00 drinks voucher


Lockers, condoms, gloves, showers, douche and - on request - 1 towel (in the rental) for free, each additional towel 1.00 €.

from 7 pm to 4 am

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