Kralleder Oktoberfest

Fetish Party: Boy Scout role-playing, spanking, education, SM

Fetish event for all fans of Bavarian leather outfits and scouts

Our theme party „Krachledern“ is a must for those men who enjoy hunting and chasing!

We do not care what games you play – but we can tell that very popular games are scout-roleplay, spanking, education and SM in general.
You are welcome to meet friends for a beer or two, cruise and find out what is going on at our location.

Dresscode: traditional Bavarian leather, leatherpants, boy scouts and hunting-outfits

Membership for the day € 15,00 – incl. € 8.- minimum consumption

Cloakroom, condoms and gloves free of charge


this party is running from 20 pm to 1 am

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