Rules of the House

By entering our premises and participating at our events and parties you agree to accept and follow these rules:

  1. Böse Buben are against any kind of discrimination. Regardless of age, outer appearance and origin everybody is appreciated as he is.
  2. Our fees for admission include 5,- €  for drinks (minimum consumption). Pupils and students aged 18 to 29 and those who have a BerlinPass will be given a dicount on production of their respective proof of identity and entitlement. The admission prices for the different parties and events can be found in our agenda.
  3. Dresscodes: Some events or parties are marked „DC“ and you are expected to respect the respective dresscode.However on most days/nights you may wear what you want – even nothing at all!
  4. In case your party is marked „ finishing at xx hours“, it is up to our staff to decide to close earlier.
  5. All advertised events/parties and their dates may be changed, if necessary.
  6. We cannot be held responsible for mistakes concerning our parties/events , especially for the information of the respective days and times in other media and publications. When in doubt, consult our agenda at this website.
  7. Please leave your mobile phones of tablet-PC at the cloakroom or in your lockers. No recordings (photos, videos etc.) are tolerated during our parties, as this will disturb other visitors and violate their right to absolute privacy.
  8. Please talk to each other about using gloves and/or condoms. It is up to you what you agree on in this matter, however, someone´s wish for more hygiene should be respected by all means.
  9. Please have a wash between sessions as it is not hygienic to sit down in a pool of other people´s lube etc.
  10. Leave the place where you have played clean and tidy as you wish to find it. No one wants to clean before starting a play.
     ⌲ Please take care of pools of body liquids and/ or lube on the floor and/or on seats, beds etc. They are extremely slippery and therefore dangerous.
     ⌲ Please use the paper towels provided to remove them. We cannot take any responsibility in case of injuries or accidents.
     ⌲ Bottles with disinfectant spray are provided in all rooms. Bins for used gloves and paper towels are also placed in each playroom. Please make use of both.
     ⌲ Please do not hesitate to inform our barmen in case we are running out of something.
     ⌲ You may use our cotton towels, they can be obtained at the bar. Please dispose of them after use in the baskets in the bathrooms.
     ⌲ Please do not use our curtains to wipe your hands clean. It is easier to wash a towel than to take off curtains and wash them.
  11. Please return empty bottles and glasses to the bar if possible, otherwise you may put them in the chests provided on each floor.
  12. Please look after each other and help each other. Hand your co-players paper tissue or a glass of water – if needs be. After all social responsibility is, of course, part of our party culture.
  13. Please remember: We are a non-profit organization and all barmen, cleaners and organizers volunteer to make your visit as pleasant as possible. We are dependent on your admission fees and on selling drinks to you. Please do not bring your own drinks and consume only what is sold at our bar.
  14. Sometimes our barman does his job behind the bar on his own and cannot leave the bar because he has to welcome arriving visitors and check out satisfied visitors. Therefore he cannot often go to the playrooms and check if everything is alright there. You should be aware of this and be prepared to assist us if necessary.
  15. Please follow the instuctions of our staff who represent our club during parties.
  16. Your criticism – be it positive or negative – is always welcome. Please remember that all members of our staff volunteer for their jobs and your tip is greatly appreciated when you check out. This will motivate our staff to feel even more obliged to care for your well being during parties and events at our premises.

We wish you and ourselves a lot of fun at our parties!


Böse Buben e.V.