Böse Buben e.V.
Sachsendamm 76 - 77
10829 Berlin Schöneberg

+49 (30) 62 70 76 10

opening hrs (Start - End)
Wednesday 16:00 - 23:00
Thursday 19:00 - 01:00
Friday 20:00 - 02:00
Saturday 20:00 - 03:00
Sunday 15:00 - variable

Awareness- & House Roules

By participating in our events you accept our house rules. Therefore, we ask you to read and follow the following points:

  • Mutual respect is paramount! We make our rooms available to all men, trans- and intersexuals who feel like men - without regard to age or appearance. CD and TV welcome.
  • Our admission prices include a minimum consumption of at least 7,00 €. berlinpass holders or holders of similar certificates usually receive a social discount. The respective admission prices are listed with the event dates.
  • Our events are not subject to a dress code. Exceptions are explicitly marked (dc). In this case, we expect all our guests to adhere to it in the spirit of the party motto.
  • We reserve the right to close earlier than indicated in the program. The decision is up to the barmen.
  • We reserve the right to change the published dates at short notice.
  • We do not take any responsibility for date misreporting in external publications. Decisive is the schedule on our website.
  • No photos, no chat, no phone calls! Please leave your cell phones, tablets, etc. in the locker. We do not condone the use of these devices. There is a photography and videography ban at our parties!
  • Take care of each other. Help if you can. It is part of our party culture that respect, hygiene and social responsibility play an important role.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas. Not in the play rooms or at the bar.
  • Please talk to each other about the use of gloves and rubbers. It is up to you how you handle them. The hygiene requirements of individuals are to be respected!
  • Do not interfere in the sessions of others without being asked!
    Keep your distance and do not disturb!
  • Wash yourselves in between. It is not cool to sit down in the grease stain that someone else has left by body print shortly before.
  • You have to clean the place where you played and leave it tidy. Then the next people can start right away and don't have to clean up first.
    • For this purpose we provide spray bottles with disinfectant cleaner and paper towels in all rooms. Please pay special attention to puddles and smear film on the floor and the seating and lying areas.
    • Please dispose of your trash in the trash receptacles provided in each room.
    • You can use our terry towels on the seating and lounging areas. You can get them at the bar. Please return them there after use.
    • Do not use the towels on the floors. For this purpose, we will provide you with absorbent corrugated cardboard as a base for certain parties. Please dispose of them in the trash cans after use!
    • Do not wipe your hands in the curtains, or on walls and mirrors. They are extremely difficult to clean!
  • Please do not throw glasses, beverage cans and bottles in the trash, but put them in the beverage boxes provided - or take them with you on your way to the bar.
  • At many of our parties, the bartender is dependent on your attention, as he is on duty alone and cannot leave the bar with the cash register and checkroom very often.
  • For the maintenance of our offer we depend on the entrance fees and the gastronomy sales!
    The consumption of brought drinks (and food) is not allowed!
  • The instructions of our staff must be followed. They represent the association mainly responsible during our parties have house right.

Praise, recognition but also criticism are always welcome. The best recognition for our volunteer bartenders is still a tip, which contributes a lot to the fact that all are always helpful, motivated and happy to be there for you again and again.

With this in mind, we wish you lots of fun at our parties!

Berlin, June 2023, Böse Buben e.V.