Awareness- & House Roules

By participating in our events, you accept our house rules. We therefore ask you to read the following points carefully:

  • Mutual respect is paramount! We make our rooms available to all men, transsexuals and intersexuals who feel like men – regardless of age or appearance. Cross dressers and trans* are welcome.
  • No photos, no online chat, no phone calls! Please leave your cell phone or tablet PC in a locker. We do not tolerate the use of these devices, nor cameras during our parties.
  • Look out for each other. Respect, hygiene, and social responsibility should be a part of our party culture.
  • Please do not interfere with ongoing sessions of others without being asked! And please keep your distance and refrain from commenting. What you consider to be “dirty talk” may very well have the opposite effect on the others involved.
  • Please talk to each other about the use of gloves and condoms. It is obviously up to you how you feel about this, but the hygiene and sexual requirements of the individual must be respected.
  • Please leave the area where you had sex clean and tidy! In doing so, the next participants canstart enjoying the spaces without having to clean up first.
    • In order for you to do this, we provide spray bottles with disinfectant cleaner and paper towels in all rooms. Please pay special attention to liquid pools and smear film on the floor and the sitting and lying areas.
    • We also ask you to dispose of your garbage in the rubbish bins which are available in every room.
    • You are welcome to use our terry towels in the seating and lounging areas. You can get them at the bar. Please do not forget to return them there after use.
    • Please do not use the hand towels on the floors. For this, we provide absorbent paper towels. Please dispose of them in the rubbish bins after use.
    • Please do not wipe your hands on the curtains, walls, and mirrors. They are extremely difficult to clean!
    • We ask you not to throw glasses and bottles into the rubbish bins or put them on the floor. You will find storage spaces and crates in all rooms.
    • We also have beverage crates near the staircases where you can dispose of your empty bottles and empty drinking vessels. We are especially grateful if you bring your bottles and glasses with you to the bar.
  • The bartender is dependent on your support and help while an event is taking place as he often tends the bar singlehandedly, meaning he cannot leave the bar so often. If something requires attention, please do not hesitate to inform him.
  • In order to finance of our regular events, we depend on entrance fees and the sale of beverages. Therefore, please consume only drinks that we sell at the bar.
  • The instructions of our employees must be followed without fail. They are the main representatives of the club during our parties and therefore also exercise domiciliary rights.
    Praise, recognition, but also criticism is always welcome. The nicest way to show appreciation to our volunteer staff members is by giving him a tip. This contribution helps a great deal since our volunteer staff members always do their best to be helpful, motivated, and are glad to be there for you time after time.

Here’s wishing you, and us, a lot of fun at our parties!

Berlin, June 2022, Böse Buben e.V.