All admission prices are plus the minimum consumption flat rate of € 7.00 to be paid in cash at the entrance!

Weekday Theme Admission Total
Wednesday1) AfterWork 08,00 € 15,00 €
Thursday1) Suck- und Lick-Club 09,00 € 16,00 €
Thursday1) FUCK-Club 08,00 € 15,00 €
Friday1) changing theme nights 09,00 € 16,00 €
Saturday1,2) changing theme nights 09,00 € 16,00 €
Saturday 1) RED-Session 19,00 € 26,00 €
Sunday1,2) FIST-Club 15,00 € 22,00 €
Sunday 1) SPANK-Club 09,00 € 16,00 €



1) Exceptions possible, e.g. Easter, Folsom, New Year's Eve and due to holidays.
2) Does not apply on the 4th Saturday and 4th Sunday of the month.


ffor berlinpass holders (or holders of a comparable pass from another city)
- 3,00 €
- 5,00 €
Birthday children discount: party in, party out - even with friends - upon presentation of a valid personal document. - 5,00 € each Person


in case of loss of a locker key for a new lock
20,00 €
1 additional shower towel (for rent) 01,00 €


The BöseBuben BonusCard

8 x pay - 1 x admission free (plus 7,00 € minimum consumption, to be paid at admission)

This card is a free bonus collection card. Every visit is stamped on it - and the 9th visit to a party then entitles you to free entry. We don't care to which party you bring the card.

The free ticket is not valid for events organized by third parties or for events for which we charge a higher entrance fee than 20,00 €. If necessary, we will charge the difference to the higher price as a surcharge.

Supporting members

Supporting members do not have voting rights in the association, but they do have advantages that are worth seeing: If you come to us more often than once a month, you are well advised to use this card. We also waive the minimum consumption for card holders.