We are actively committed to climate-friendly nightlife

Thanks to the association Clubliebe e.V., we are persistently working our way through the Green Club Guide, the association's online guide to environmentally friendly club operations, which is committed to climate-friendly nightlife.

Through the cooperation of BUND e.V. and Clubliebe e.V., we received free advice as a result of an extensive club inspection.  

Since then, we have not only carried out interior insulation, but are also retrofitting our club to be "smart" so that we can keep a better eye on consumption and power guzzlers. In this way, we are not only reducing the burden on the environment, but also on our employees. Of course, we obtain electricity from renewable sources - but unfortunately we can't change the pre-installed oil heating system. Instead, our radiators are controlled "smartly", thus significantly reducing consumption.

Some of the windows have been replaced - and each one has been sealed in the reveal. When a window is opened, the nearby radiator switches off for a short time - and when it is switched on again, the window is closed again.

It almost goes without saying that the club's lighting is all LED.

Of course, we separate our waste - and we have just started to collect bottle tops separately, because these can be recycled very well and we support other social projects - more about this shortly.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this topic: Ask or suggest! The best way is to use our contact form.

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