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Cooperation partners

The Clubcommission Berlin is a registered association and union of Berlin club, party and cultural event organizers since 2000. The Böse Buben e.V. are a member since 2015. The guys and gals make an excellent contribution to the preservation of club culture. You are great! Thank you very much.

Since 01.10.21 we are a member of the Hotel- und Gastronomieverband Berlin e.V. (DEHOGA Berlin). In the most difficult times of the Corina pandemic, we received a lot of support here. And since otherwise good advice is expensive, we are in very good hands there.

Victim assistance. Reporting office. Prevention. Commitment: The Berlin anti-violence project MANEO has existed as an independent project of Mann-O-Meter e.V. since 1990. MANEO is the most experienced and best-known gay anti-violence project in Germany.

The service is aimed at gay and bisexual young people and adults in Berlin - regardless of whether they are currently in Berlin, for example as a tourist, or live in Berlin. The place and time of the act of violence are also irrelevant for the use of our service.

Gay assault hotline: daily 5-7 p.m.: 030-216 33 36

Using the QueerCityPass you not only get a ticket for public transport, but also attractive discounts for queer bars, clubs, cultural events and sightseeing hotspots. And also a €5.00 discount on admission to the Böse Buben.

In Berlin, Cologne or Vienna, you can get from one place to another at a low price and get to know queer places in the city that are particularly interesting for you. As a lesbian, gay or trans* visitor, you can feel right at home there. Highlights like a historical city tour or important cultural institutions outside the queer scene are also included as partners. Your all-round carefree package for a successful city trip!

The Regenbogenfonds der schwulen Wirte e.V. has its origins in the founding of KAB (Concerted action of lesbian-gay business in Berlin) in 1992 - an association of 15 gay Berlin landlords at the time. The founding of the KAB, in turn, was a result of the work of the gay assault telephone of Mann-O-Meter, Berlin's gay switchboard. The reason for this were persistent assaults on gays. The aim was to counter the violence with more self-confidence and determination through joint actions.

The successful cooperation of the gay landlords with Bastian Finke, the head of the gay assault hotline, and Heinz Uth, the first contact person of the Berlin police for same-sex lifestyles, was documented in the organization of the first lesbian-gay city festival, which took place under the motto "Living Safely Together" in the summer of 1993 in Motzstraße. Since then, the city festival has ushered in Christopher Street Week in Berlin with steadily growing success.

Since 1996, the Rainbow Fund e.V. has presented the Rainbow Award to individuals or groups who have actively promoted lesbian and gay causes. In the same year, the association began using the proceeds of the city festival to financially support a wide variety of projects in the queer community.

The Böse Buben e.V. has been a supporting member since February 2023, because social commitment, especially in the LGBTIQ* scene, is close to our hearts.

Embarrassed about the right sound for your party or session? DEEREDRADIO Berlin Clubsound Radio broadcasts 24 hours, 7 days a week. Plays almost all kinds of electronic music from deep house to commercial dance tracks. Every weekend exclusively LIVE from Berlin's KITKATCLUB and from the European clubs of this world - dance music from the heart of Germany.

R&Co Berlin supported our PumpStation 2.0 party by providing pump equipment. Many thanks!

The Berlin scene pub Scheune has supported us for many years with an ad in our program booklet. Many thanks!

X-Lube  supports our club and the Böse Buben e.V. is committed to selling the truly best lube powder EVER. Available at our counter!

interessante Adressen in Deutschland

BLF e.V. — Berlin Leder und Fetisch
. Veranstalter von diversen Fetisch-Treffen und berühmt durch die
jährliche Organisation der „Berliner Leder- und Fetischwoche“.

Das Fistwerk ist die private, nicht kommerzielle Community von und für schwule Kerle, die auf Fisten stehen.

Info’s über die FOLSOM Street Fair in Berlin findest du hier. Die Organisation ist sicherlich jedes
Jahr eine Heidenarbeit und verdient unseren vollen Respekt!

Den Dachverband zur Förderung der schwulen Fetisch- und Motorsportclubs, die Leather & Fetish Community – findest du hier.

UnderGround — In München betreibt der MLC auf etwa 400 m2 ein sehr großes,
zweigeschossiges und vielen Bedürfnissen gerecht werdendes Clublokal.

Zone 283 — auch ein eingetragener Verein und ganz einfach die Adresse für Fetisch-Partys in Bremen

interessante Adressen rund um den Globus

AllGayFetish.com — Complete directory of gay fetish sites: eine interessante Adressenliste
rund um allen möglichen schwule sexuelle Vorlieben

Club Church Popular gay cruise & fetish club in the heart of Amsterdam, with themed parties and dress codes.

Club CP is the club for men who like to give or take corporal punishmentin London

fistrik.com – eine Niederländische Webseite zum Thema fisten.

Gay Sex Positions Guide  Für den Stellungswechsel... ;-)
for the position change: learn gay sex positions through photographs, a visual Kama Sutra. Cum and enjoy!

graissefist.com – eine Französische Webseite zum Thema fisten.

Nighttours.com Internationaler schwuler Reiseführer. Erstaunlich aktuell, viele Bewertungen von Besuchern.

XSNEAX.EU All sneaker parties — all sportswear parties — all over europe. A website for gay & bi guys into
sneakers & sportswear, who want to meet other guys at sneaker & sportswear parties, all over Europe.