Böse Buben e.V.
Sachsendamm 76 - 77
10829 Berlin Schöneberg

+49 (30) 62 70 76 10

opening hrs (Start - End)
Wednesday 16:00 - 23:00
Thursday 19:00 - 01:00
Friday 20:00 - 02:00
Saturday 20:00 - 03:00
Sunday 15:00 - variable

Phil Hollister in his vlog from 29.12.22 on Queer. de


With the camera at the Böse Buben

In his new vlog, Phil Hollister visits a unique gay BDSM club in Berlin, learns all about flagellantism and discovers much more than a playroom with sling.

Not many people know what flagellantism is. That's what happened to me before I visited the "Böse Buben" in Berlin.

Wikipedia describes it as follows: Flagellantism "refers to a sexual preference for either hitting oneself or being hit by a partner. In flagellantism, the phenomenon of pleasure pain plays an important role."

But back to the start. On a rainy evening I had an interview appointment near Berlin's Südkreuz station. Already the way to the club of the "Böse Buben" has a very special charm and reminded me of former party nights. Through a driveway we went to a huge backyard area, where apparently also many small workshops and garages have their home.

At the very end was a three-storey building. This is where the "bad boys" club resides. I was soon standing in front of the bar and was greeted in a friendly manner. I had arrived before opening time, so manager Martin and his assistant Jan had enough time to show me around the club and especially to tell me about the "Böse Buben".

I have to admit, the premises let the adrenalin rise. I'll tell you this much: there's everything from a playroom with a sling to an "operation room" and a sports area for wrestling games. There's even a chilled-out lounge to relax in.

Very surprising for me was the number of almost daily events: "Fist Club", "Feet Club", "Rim Club", "Fight Club", "BDSM Party" and much more.

The "Böse Buben" are a registered club and describe themselves as an association of adult men (founded on 06 November 1996) who enjoy and cultivate imaginative sex. Their premise is that good sex needs a sense of responsibility, respect, respect for others, but also practice, room for experimentation and experience. Visitors from all over the world actually come to the "Böse Buben" to practice or learn about the art of pleasurable ass spanking.

I think I will take up the offer of the "Böse Buben" and produce more (explanatory) videos about different fetishes with them.