Böse Buben e.V.
Sachsendamm 76 - 77
10829 Berlin Schöneberg

+49 (30) 62 70 76 10

opening hrs (Start - End)
Wednesday 16:00 - 23:00
Thursday 19:00 - 01:00
Friday 20:00 - 02:00
Saturday 20:00 - 03:00
Sunday 15:00 - variable

Party's from A to Z

After Work

Wednesdays from 16 to 23 h. Party without dress code or strict motto: spanking or nightcap at the bar - fuck in peace or be loud.


Sex party for everyone. The dress code: "As little as possible", means that you can also participate dressed up if you don't feel so comfortable naked.


On the 1st Saturday / month. Since the "boys" was founded as a club by and for spankers, mostly men with this preference come to this party. Newcomers are introduced with pleasure gently. And of course, there is then also snacking to your heart's content. No dress code.

Corporal Punishment

On the 3rd Saturday/month. Get what you need: role play, spanking and BDSM. No dress code.


Regularly on the 3rd Friday / month. Door open, for all toe-suckers and anyway friends of the undressed foot. Those who want to keep their (stinky) socks and sneaks on for now are also welcome. At some point they will be taken off. But since we as an association mainly offer niche topics, the focus of this party is barefoot - also gladly in flip-flops or sandals.


on the 4th Friday/month. The "Fight Club" is open to all of you who are into wrestling, boxing or "MMA Fight", as well as gutpunching.
Dress code: Horny fight outfit adds to the charm and for those who don't have or bring equipment such as boxing gloves, etc., we will provide some.
Spectators welcome. And sex before, during or after is of course also possible.


Sunday Fist Party. It starts at 3 pm and ends around 11 pm. From start to finish, you'll have a whopping eight hours to indulge your passion. No dress code.

German Rubber Men Play Party

Contact - Protection - Control. It looks cool, feels great, smells good...
At this play party you can try everything. There is enough space for horny experiments on the St. Andrew's cross on the stretching bench in the cage etc.. The fine difference to other rubber events: With us you don't have to fear that your horny clothes fall victim to the grease fire when you sit down or lie down...

dresscode: Latex-, Rubber-Gear, Neopren, Gasmasks


Everything with the tongue: asses, tails feet...For all those who like (to be) spoiled with the mouth!

dresscode: naked, underwear, sportswear, chaps


For all friends of vacuum pumps, CBT, saline and sometimes electricity. Those who have, please bring your own equipment. Beginners and those who do not have their own cylinders and pumps, we are happy to provide our own. We will then also explain what is important when pumping, what risks there are, and also show how to do it. Unfortunately we cannot provide saline and electrical equipment, but we are open for it in the context of this party.

No dress code.


Long Term Fisting. Once a month on the 4th Saturday from 20 h to Sunday, 04 h. Enough time to really live it up. And there's some fresh fruit and a little soup for in between. No dress code.


Ass licking (let). Here, too, it is recommended to participate as unclothed as possible. At an advanced hour, the party usually turns into a fuck party. Rimming makes just horny... No scat, no fist, no dress code.

On via facebook there is the "ultimate guide to rimming". It's descriptive and entertaining in equal measure.


For men who like to go stalking! Popular are scout role-playing games, spanking, education and generally SM.

But you are also welcome to meet with friends for a beer, or just to see if there is something else going on...

dresscode: leather pants, scouts, hunters


who does not want to hear, must feel! Spanking party on the 4th Sunday / month, as well as on 26.12. No dress code.

SPORT-Club by Sneakfreaxx

Fun and play in sports clothes. Dresscode: Sportswear + Sneakers, Skater, Soccer, Shorts, Trunks, Lycra.


Party for men who like to blow or be blown.Deepthroat, endurance, devotion: show what you can do!

Dresscode: Naked, underwear or shorts, suckers wear white socks.